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Nils Kacirek und Roman Vehlken

040 / 432 82 345 oder 040 / 298 98 003
Eimsbütteler Chaussee 23, 20259 Hamburg


Experimantalfim 7min, D 2015, R: Burkhard Schittny, Sounddesign + Mischung: Roman Vehlken

The video piece is based on the 10,361 film-stills of the photo project “Alte Heimat. Neue Heimat”, chronologically lined up after each other and underplayed with scraps of sounds from the original recording material for this video. It is describing a trip by train: 7 days, 4 hours, 51 minutes. A journey to the past, to unknown territory. A journey into the history of the Second World War, the own family history, fading memories. A journey to the trauma of the mothers deportation.

„Operacja Jaskółka/Operation Swallow“ was an agreement between the British and the Polish regarding the deportation of Germans remaining on Polish territory in February 1946.

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